Short Literary Currículum Vitae

Pedro Enríquez-Granada, Spain. Short Literatury currículum Vitae

Short Literary Currículum Vitae: Pedro Enríquez is a Spanish poet, storyteller and publisher. He is one of the members of the Fine Letters Academy of Granada (letter Z) [Spain]. 20 publications from his literary work (narrative and poetry books) have been published.

Many of his poems have been published in anthologies and published in different countries all over the world. Some of his poems have been translated to french, hebrew, arabic, english, italian, portuguese, turkish, russian, quechua, catalonian, croatian and japanish languages.

His last books published:

  • Libélulas y Granados (Editorial Dauro 2015, Spanish-Japanese bilingual edition, together with the Japanese poet Yutaka Hosono).
  • Poesía para desafinados (Ediciones Puerto 2017, Puerto Rico).
  • En el hueco de su mano (Editorial Alhulia 2018, Mirto Academy Collection).
  • En los cimientos del poema. Antología Poética 1988-2018 (Aula de Poesía y Humanismo Dama de Baza, Baza 2019).
  • Késelen. Ese filo.Válogatott-Selección de poemas. (Editorial AB ART 2019. Traducción al húngaro de Balázs F. Attila).
  • Las estatuas de sal. TA ΑΓΑΛΜΑΤΑ ΑΠΟ ΑΛΑΤΙ. Edición bilingüe español–griego. Traducción al griego Stavros Guirguenis (Editorial ΕΟΕ Books, Tesalónica, Grecia 2019) y En el hueco de su mano. Fi yuf yada (Ebjed Cultural Foundation. Irak 2021) traducción al árabe de Hussein Nhaba.

He was invited to take part in

poetry readings and international poetry events in lots of countries (Argentina, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Morroco, Turkey, Tunisia, Argel, etc.). He gave conferences and workshops in United States at the universities of: Columbia (New York), Bucknell University (Pennsylvania), University of Cincinnati (Ohio), Boricua School (New York), Southwestern College (San Diego). Also, in Poetry Festival of Medellin (Colombia), Poetry Festival of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Poetry Festival of Granada (Nicaragua), University of Granada (España), CECUT (Tijuana, Mexico).

Pedro Enríquez is:

Director of the International Poetry Festival in Laurel, La Zubia (Granada) [the festival will be celebrating its 19th edition this year].

Codirector of the Autumn Poetry Festival and the French-Spanish Book [the festival will be celebrating its 6th edition this year].

Writer-member of the intelectual members that founded LA MAISON DE LA SAGESSE DE GRENADE.

Radio program director broadcasted in the Web: La voz a ti debida. Tardes de radio y literatura.

Cultural Consellor of the Andalusian UNESCO Center (Spain).

President of the American Council Spain Subsidiary of All the Bloods (Lima, Peru).

President of the Cultural Association: Granada13artes.

Member of the Scientific Council of Publications at the Alhambra and Generalife Patronage.

Co-director of the 1st International Congress of Poetry and Music for the Peace (Andalusian UNESCO Centre and Peace Culture Foundation).

In 2003

in the city of Pinos Puente, Granada, he was the writer elected for the event celebrated each year by the Literary Conquest Castillejo Benigno Vaquero. This event tributes the literary career of a writer (24th edition).

Decoration authorized by the José María Arguedas Order with the distinction “Master Grade”, granted by the National and International Council of All the Bloods (Cusco, Peru).

International Main Prize (24th edition) of the International Book Fair, Puerto Rico. This prize was granted as a recognition of his contribution to the literary world with his poetry work. Morever, his important cultural management was taken into account. This cultural management has also obtained an important international recognition.


the Club of Poets in Japan devoted their anual event to the Granadian writer Pedro Enríquez (he was the first Spanish writer to be invited to this event).

6th International Poetry Prize in Laurel 2016.

In July of 2017

he got the first prize of the 1st Edition of the City of Baza International Poetry Prize.

Dinstinguished visitor of the City of Aguilares (Argentina).

Distinguished visitor of the City of Monteros (Argentina).

Director/organizer of different cycles like: European Poetry Cycle in Granada, Poetry without Frontiers: Poetry written for Gipsies, Poets of the Alhambra, 1st Forum of Trips Literature, 1st Forum of Cultural Journalism, Poetry and Music at the Monuments, etc.

Part of his literary work has been musicalized in poetry and music events.

Co-director of the concert: Here And There, with the moroccan musician Nizar Liemlahi.

Co-director and creator of the Poetry for Out of Tune People concert.

Creator of the The Silence of the Sound and Release the Invisible, combining different arts on stage as music, poetry, dancing, filming and photography.

On the 22nd of May, 2022, there was a concert titled «El cielo se incendia» (The sky is on fire) and the concert CD was presented as well, with fourteen musical creations composed by the group «Fuera de Lugar» that took original poems from the book «En el hueco de su mano» (On the hollow of his hand) written by Pedro Enríquez. Three of the creations are composed with the poet´s voice. This concert was held at the Isabel La Católica Theater in Granada, Spain, altruistically for the benefit of the NGO Medicus Mundi.

Short Literary Currículum Vitae: Recent recognitions:

International Honorary Degrees: DOCTOR E DOCTORUM HONORARIORUM, Mexico-Spain, DOCTORADO HONORIS CAUSA, awarded by various educational institutions and organizations with a big international reputation, at the WORLD KNOWLEDGE SUMMIT, in Madrid, Spain, in May, 2022.

Pedro Enríquez

Granada, Spain